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It is Time to Turn Your Words into Art

For individuals who prefer to become an author and need help from best coach to jump start your book - Marilyn Randolph can be your best writing coach in SF Bay Area. Designed for writers who have already started with their book but are not sure what to do next, or who need guidance on self-publishing, you’ve come to the right place. Let us work together and let me coach you and help you to become the author you’ve always dreamed of becoming.

Start Your Writing Journey with an Inspiring Supportive Person

  • Editing - For writers whose work is in progress - whether a short story, a group of poems, novel, a personal essay or a memoir - and want to get the feedback and guidance on what next step they should take, we can help you out. We will address all your concerns such as theme, style, structure, and voice.
  • Mentoring and Coaching - For writers who are depressed and overwhelmed and are not able to find any joy and inspiration in their write up - Marilyn Randolph can provide you thorough guidance and feedback on your writing. This will also help you establish working relationship with professional writer.
  • Make A Difference Through Books - The writers can make a difference in their life through books. Sharing her personal experiences and professional knowledge, the author provides clear stories and spiritual support to build your business. You can order these books by visiting the respective official website.
  • Self-Publishing - Self publishing is a rewarding and exciting challenge but at the same time full of hurdles. With the advancement in technology and opportunity, Marilyn Randolph guide every aspiring author to take on the journey of self-publishing and come out flying with bright colors in the publishing space.

I’ve helped writers bring their voices to page

I have written “Be Still” and “Brighter Beginnings Family Child Care Guide” volumes which can help you with your book publishing and prosperous future. You can also invite me to be a part of your conferences, workshops, coaching, coaching events, etc.

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