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Want to become an author and need help jump-starting your book or have you already started your book and not sure what to do next? Well, you've come to the right site lets work together and let me coach you on becoming the author you've always dreamed of becoming.
My experience and focus are on becoming an author and starting a business. Have you wanted to start your business in Family Child Care? I can coach you in starting that business. I also offer tools and step by step instruction on opening your business in Family Child Care, along with updates, and links to guide you to becoming a successful and quality Child Care Provider in your community.
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Let's work together and become what you've always wanted to become, A Women on the Rise, Empowered to do what you are destined to do! #Rise #Empowered
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Coach Marilyn Randolph

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Hello, I am Coach Marilyn, I am a Self ~ Publishing, and Empowerment Coach and my program are designed to provide you with the necessary skill to be brilliant. It’s about supporting you through your journey towards creating your own best life. I want to help you to identify the dreams you have for your life, whether it's becoming an Author or starting a business I want to help you in making those dreams a reality.


"Helping new Authors publish their book"