Competition is usually meant to only push someone harder. When being pushed hard it can sometimes lead to big risks and that can result in failure, but you must never give up or give in. We all take risks just choose wisely.


Do you want to open your own Business working with children? Have you ever thought about starting a Business as a Family Day Care Provider? This book will help guide you through the process of building your business and working with children as a Family Child Care provider; I have been providing care for children for over 25 years. Over the year~s child care has been in high demand, and there is great demand for quality Child Care Providers.


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Coping with the reality and covering the shame Marilyn shares stories of how a happy little girl would grow up to endure the nightmares of molestation, rape, and abuse. Her testimony is ghastly and shatters the imaginary boundaries of growing up happy and safe within the family and friends unit. Forced to deal with many emotions she was too young to understand or be faced with, young Marilyn uses her spiritual foundation to do the only thing she can during these horrifying events - SHE SURVIVES.


This course is available to Current and Future Family Child Care Providers. Along with my book Brighter Beginnings Family Child Care Guide, you will get tools that will help you to be a Quality Family Child Care Provider.

*Business Planning *Program Philosophies & Polices * Contract and Rates *Liability Insurance and much more..

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