Some Very Common Mistakes New Writers Make

No writer has ever had success in just one go. The renowned author J. K. Rowling, who wrote Harry Potter series, faced many rejections before being the world’s famous author. First-time writers are afraid of writing their creation and then publishing it in the market. They don’t want to correct their mistakes. If you too are working on a story, you might be doing any of these.

Well, making mistakes is a good thing as it tells that you are working on your goal. So, don’t be afraid of making mistakes but dare to correct them. In this blog-post, we have mentioned some of the most common mistakes new writers often make. Make sure that you don’t repeat them.

Poor Command on Dialogues:

It’s very common for new authors to be mistaken while writing the dialogues of the stories. Some may write imprecise sentences, some may write overtly literary, while some may create exceedingly long conversations to break the interest of their readers. With any of these errors, you don’t contribute to anything of value. Dialogues should be realistic and they should be good enough to develop your character’s personality impressively.

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Unrealistic Stories and Characters:

A story must be written in a way that a reader can find everything running in his mind; he should be able to plot the characters, places, and scenes. It must be as realistic as watching a movie in the theater and the reader should be able to read every action easily. In general, new writers focus on writing long stories that are not realistic or matching with the characters. The creation should succeed in forming an emotional bond between the reader and the character. Newbies fail to augment emotional forte in their stories through the right emotions of their characters.

Increasing Predictability and Familiarity:

Many writers think that following the trend is a good idea.  It’s not true! It makes the novel easy-to-predict and readers quickly drop their interest. This is a deception you should avoid as it will reduce the demand of your story from the market. Don’t make your novel completely predictable; add some twists and tweaks, garnish the story with some conflicts to upturn your reader’s curiosity. Make this experience to feel new to them.

Self-Editing and Second-Guessing:      

When you write something, you simply get words on the pages. Every time you edit your draft, you leave yourself working on second guessing. You might have experienced this for sure. You need to classify both of these processes as it will make you feel a free writer. You would be able to freely spread your words and form a story you want to narrate to the world. Also, it will help you to overcome all kinds of self-doubts. 

Hope these points will help you discover a solution for some common mistakes you may be doing. Besides, if you have been finding something difficult to deal with, contact us. Write your problem and our expert will help you with accommodating advice. Marilyn Randolph helps new and experienced writers by offering valuable advice, coaching, and instructions to help writers publish their books easily. She also provides the best book publishing services in the SF Bay Area. You can simply contact the expert for any of your needs!

How Should First-Time Authors Publish Their Book?

There is a saying that “Writing is more difficult for a writer than a person who reads the book”. True that being a writer is not at all an easy job. If you are a first-time author who is almost done with his book, you must be nervous for publishing and gaining response from your audience. If yes, the blog is here to take your worries away and assist you with valuable guidance. Take a look at how you can make things go better for publishing your creation:

Determine the Publishing Options:

You must be well familiar to describe the category your creation will belong to attract its readers. Today, when so many genres of writing are available, being specific can lead you to a huge readership. Besides the category, you would need to determine the kind of publishing services as well. Decide on whether you want traditional publishing services to take contract of your book or take responsibilities to publish the book by yourself or select vanity publishing services to turn your story write-up into a book.  

Feel Proud About Being A Writer:

Life will try to pull you down by throwing rejection; however, don’t forget you wrote a book. Many people don’t have the dare to do so. You will need to feel proud about what you did. Encourage yourself, be faithful, collect more energy, and love yourself a bit more for this. Try to locate this thought over and over again. Keep reading motivational thoughts. No matter how the day would be, you would return with a feeling of being proud on yourself. Praise yourself as much as possible as other authors don’t do this.  

First-Time Authors Publish Their Book

Read Over And Over Again For Correction:

You have decided the type of publishing and also the ways to encourage yourself. Now, it’s time to make improvements in your creation with every passing day. Remember, you cannot do this all in a single day. Keep reading your creation in a small chunk every day and make changes where needed. Making changes or removing errors in a soft copy is far better than combating mortification after publishing. Start doing this from today itself. 

Contact Marilyn Randolph for Consultation:

When you think things are not getting under your control and you require expert assistance to guide, you can simply contact Marilyn Randolph. She has been encouraging new writers by providing them valuable guidance on book publishing and writing. She is popular for the best book publishing services in the SF Bay Area. The mentoring and coaching provided by an expert can fill the gaps between you and your success. You can also contact Marilyn for services like editing, formatting of paperback and design, publishing, and eBook formatting through different ways. With Marilyn, you will find book publishing easier and trouble-free.

By keeping these simple yet very informative tips in mind, you can get closer to your dream of being known in the world of writers and get familiar in your readers too.


Lessons I Learned As an Independent Author

Till now I have published two books on my own – “Be Still” and “Family Child Care Guide”. After writing and publishing my books, I decided to help authors like you to convert their dream into reality. How? I will tell you how.


I am not here to brag about my achievements but to motivate and encourage first-time authors. I know you have immense talent and will definitely succeed with little support and motivation. To help you out with your book publishing journey, I decided to share with you the lessons I learned while writing, editing, and publishing my two books.


  1. Comparison is evil

Having an ideal author in mind and following top authors in the industry is a great way to keep yourself motivated. However, never compare their works with yours. They achieved success through their own work, approach, skills, and support. They have their own journey and you have to follow yours. Just enjoy the journey. This will help you to have a clear mind all the time. With a clear mind and a happy soul, you can write the most beautiful lines for your book.


  1. Self-publishing does not mean you do all

Traditional publishers generally don’t publish books of newcomers and even if they do, they might ask you to share the profit percentage, which is huge, sometimes. If you want to go the self-publishing way, let me tell you, it does not mean you have to do it all by yourself. I provide self-publishing coaching services as well as book publishing services in the SF Bay Area. I will help you with your manuscript and tell you how to design a book cover and interior typography. My book publishing company – Amari Rise Publishing Company – will publish your book at affordable rates along with ISBN number and provide you the PDF format too. I will also assist you with promotion and marketing of your book.


  1. Self-editing is a bit risky

I understand as a new writer, you may feel a bit low when it comes to finalizing your manuscript and editing it for the final print. Editing is a huge part of the book writing process. It is a bit risky to publish your book without getting it edited by a knowledgeable person or your best critic. If you are confident with your grammar and writing skills, get it published anyway. Your first readers will tell you if they find any errors in your book, but it can be a bit overwhelming process. So my suggestion is to read your final manuscript at least 5 times (either alone or in front of your family members or friends you trust) before finalizing it for publishing.


  1. Don’t think about numbers and don’t be anxious

Before the release of my first book “Be Still”, I was a bit nervous and anxious. It is a part and parcel of life. We do feel stressed out in such big moments. But it’s ok. Don’t let it sit inside your mind as it may cripple you to give your best. Another thing to keep in mind is to avoid thinking about numbers. From numbers I mean, how much profit you will make from your first book. I know people like to ask authors about how much they make on a monthly basis. However, you can simply avoid such questions because it is no one’s business. Publishing a book is your passion and dream. Dreams have no price tag, so why think about money?


  1. You can do it, just like me

Believe in yourself. If you tell yourself you can do it – you can write a new book, edit, and finally, get it published. Meditate as it gives you the strength that you need to be a writer. Enjoy life and laugh as much as possible. These things are important for a healthy mind, body, and soul.



Are you planning to write a new book? These lessons will help you publish your very first book. My company that offers book publishing services in the SF Bay Area can help you publish your book after you finalize the manuscript. If you have already written your first book, I would like to know what you learned from your experience. Do share them with me in the comments section below!

Your Guide to Starting a Childcare Center in the SF Bay Area

Do you love children? Does caring for them inspire you? If you answered yes to these questions, then you should start a childcare center. If you live in the SF Bay Area, you would probably know that the supply of care providers in this location does not match the demand for child care needs. This means you have good chances of running a successful family child care center here. Here is what it takes to get started in the childcare business.


#1 Research About the Demand

To estimate the demand for childcare services in your area or neighborhood, visit the Local Child Care Planning Council (LPC). They will provide you information about the counties with the highest demands and the priorities you need to fulfill to meet those demands. Search for large family child care centers in the SF Bay Area at California Community Care Licensing Division. This would help you find out the locations where you should not open a center. Select a location where you have higher chances of running a profitable center.


#2 Understand the Business Structure

There are two types of child care business that you can start in your area: childcare center or family child care in home-setting. Child care centers have multi-classroom facility where children are grouped together with same-age peers and some have mixed age group classrooms. Family child care centers have standard indoor and outdoor playgrounds and provide individualized care to each children. If you are starting out your own business, we would recommend you to go for small, family day care center to offer pesonalized care to the children in your community.

#3 Get Licenses and Permits

The Child Care Licensing Division (CCLD) of the Department of Social Services (DSS) provide permits and licenses to childcare centers in the San Francisco Bay Area and all the counties of California. First, you have to attend an orientation class offered by the CCLD and then apply for licensing after successfully completing its session. In the application, provide the following information – type of child care center (or day care) you want to open, number of children you are planning to look after, age groups of those children, property information (rent, lease or it is your own), whether it is a for-profit or non-profit business, and other compliance and health & safety information.


#4 Undergo Training

There are strict laws around operating a child care center in California, whether it a small one or large day care center. You must be above 18 years of age and need to undergo criminal background verification. You must show past clearance cerificate for child or sex abuse and submit fingerprints. You will have to attend health training programs for emergency preparedness, first aid, CPR, child nutrition, health issues, sanitary, and more. Your child care setting will be inspected by a professional to see if it meets all the regulations stated by CCLD, is free from hazards and has good fencing and safety features.


#5 Take Help

Starting a child care business is a big deal and may seem overwhelming seeing all the regulations and requirements that you have to meet before your center becomes operational. I, Marilyn Randolph, am a child care professional and have been in the business for more than 25 years now. I provide small business coaching services in the SF Bay Area to help business owners like you make their dream a reality. From business planning, licensing, enrollments, marketing to understanding taxes & liabilities, I can help you with everything. Sign up for my child care business coaching program here.



The demand for child care is high in California and there are good chances that you can achieve success in this business with proper guidance and training. I can assist you with all your needs – how to conduct research, obtain license, get permits, undergo inspections, decide your business structure, increase enrolments, and more – by providing small business coaching services in the SF Bay Area. Schedule an appointment here.


3 Tips on How to Increase Enrolment in Your Child Care Center

Do you have an amazing child care center with caring staff members? Do you provide child care services at super affordable rates? But still you are not able to increase enrolments? Increasing enrolment isn’t based on the hit-and-trial method. It requires proper planning and strategic steps to multiply the number of children enrolling in your daycare every month. Being the owner of a Family Day Care center since 1984 and providing business coaching services in the SF Bay Area, I can tell you some proven tips to acquire more children and boost your revenue.

Here are the tips that you need to stay ahead of your competitors:


  1. Engage with the Community

There can be dozens of child care centers or preschools in your area. You have to tell the families in your neighborhood why your day care is better than others. Families seek for a facility to entrust their children’s early childhood education and health. If you can build an authentic connection with them through regular workshops or small events, then you can easily attract, convert, and delight more families to your daycare center. I often participate and volunteer in family camps, therapeutic services, mentorship programs, workshops, and education forums to strengthen my position as a premier child care service provider in the SF Bay Area. In the process, I get in touch with so many families. I try to create a solid connection with them, which helps me to build a pipeline of opportunities.


  1. Stay Social

Strong social connections make a huge difference in the popularity of your business. Sharing photos of children on Facebook, Instagram or other social channels is a great way to market your child care program. Word of mouth marketing spreads like a fire, and if it is on social media, it works even better. Ask your existing families to share their reviews on your social media pages. Their personal recommendations will boost your business exposure on social media and may help you to increase enrolments. Don’t forget to give rewards to the parents if they refer a new family to your daycare. Social media is also a great channel to know what are the needs of your customers and if your child care programs are able to meet those needs.


  1. Provide Incentives to Families

Parents’ journey starts when they sign up for your child care program. You have to cultivate the relationship with the parents to make them stay longer and get referrals. So, how can you do this? Communicate with them about their children’s achievements and strengths, and provide all the important information of the entire day. Provide incentives in the form of discounts and offers to retain existing families and attract new children. For example, you can offer free pick-up and drop-off facility if they pay for 6 months in advance.


These enrolment-centric tips will definitely help you expand your child care center and improve revenue.


I own a child care business and I know what comes with running and managing a child care center. To succeed in this business, it is important to have the support of an experienced coach. That’s why I have created personalized child care business coaching services in SF Bay Area to help you start your own daycare.


Sign-up today for your 1-to-1 child care business coaching session with me here.