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Author of Be Still, Brighter Beginnings, The Women Christian CEO compilation volume II, and Self- Love Nourish, Cherish, Protect Devotional Journal, Marilyn Randolph is a woman of many visions and dreams. She is a life coach, speaker, and entrepereneur. Randolph is the founder of Amari Rise Publishing and the executive director of Women Rising Above Abuse. She has been featured in Business on the Edge Magazine, KFAX Radio, and the Women Christian CEO.


Surviving to Thriving


Surviving to Thriving is an eight-week to twelve-week program that supports and empowers women and youth. Participants will go through each module, where they will learn and discover their power, uncover lies they have been living under, and gain tools and structures they can begin implementing right away in order to build a more sustainable life. They will be challenged to break old habits while learning self-confidence, self-discipline, and consistency.


Self - Love

Devotional Journal

Loving ourselves doesn't always come naturally for some, but with practice, you will begin to love yourself naturally and spiritually by nourishing, protecting, and cherishing yourself. Remember to always nourish yourself naturally by watching what you eat, taking care of yourself, and so on. And, of course, don't forget to nourish your spirit. We fight against things unseen, so we must pursue Father God to nourish our spirit. Not only do we need to seek God to nourish our spirit, but we must also partner with Him to protect ourselves naturally and spiritually. We do this by protecting our eyes and ears, not connecting ourselves to anyone who will negatively affect our spirits, and protecting ourselves by keeping out of harm's way. Last but certainly not least, we must cherish how God created us naturally and our spiritirual connection to Him.


Be Still

with Self Love Journal

Author Marilyn Randolph, tells her amazing story of deliverance. Sharing both her personal experience and her professional knowledge, the author provides clear stories and spiritual support when going through the healing process of abuse. The book offers hope for all survivors starting the healing journey. No matter how great your pain was yesterday, you can have inner health and healing today, if you just have the courage to BE STILL.


Family Child Care

Brighter Beginnings

Do you want to open your own Business working with children? Have you ever thought about starting a Business as a Family Day Care Provider? This book will help guide you through the process of building your business and working with children as a Family Child Care provider; I have been providing care for children for over 25 years. Over the year~s child care has been in high demand, and there is great demand for quality Child Care Providers.


Become an Author

with Marilyn Randolph


Marilyn Randolph is very great at her mentorship program. She has taken the time out to explain and show me how to become equipped for the daycare structure and process. She also encouraged me to keep following through with the goals and strategies that I’ve put in place to grow my very own business. I enjoyed being a mentee.


- Youneusse Wallace

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