10 Signs That Indicate You Are Meant To Be a Writer

Believe it or not, you are meant to be a writer. Deep inside, you may accept; but, some creepy thoughts won’t let you do so. Well, no problem! Take a look on the blog post to know the signs that exist inside you:

You Are Born With Different Traits:

Everyone is different but writers are unique that set them aside from the others. You may have different perspective, weird habits, unique thoughts, love for peacefulness, affection for nature, curiosity to explicate small things, adoration for solitude, habit of reading and imagining etc. Others don’t have these peculiarities.

You Love To Discuss And Talk:

People hate to have a long discussion while a writer can compose a novel of words on particular focus. So, if you want to talk or discuss about meaningful things and also you want to keep journals for them, you have hidden trait of being a write. That’s right!

You Have a Great Memory: 

We are not talking about technical things, formula, historical events, general knowledge, economics, or other subject. It’s general memory that others don’t have. Unlike others, writers have a good memory to remember joyful or gloomy things. They love to read, learn, and implement creative things. Did you say yes? We knew it!

You Feel Emotions Completely:

Writers don’t ignore their emotions. They generally cannot take over their emotions. This does not happen to all. If someone can clearly read your emotions, you are worth to be a writer.

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You See Beauty Everywhere: 

This is one of the best things about writers. They can find beauty and happiness in small things that others don’t feel. If a small celebration or event fills you with great joy, you smile when you notice smiling people around you, and you have great zooming power in mind to see loveliness in small things, you are born with a great quality.

You Live Life You Design:

Have you noticed the present and past of great writers? They chose their passion over physical pleasure, wealth, position, fame, and other materialistic things. For them, writing is the sole cause of happiness. If you, unconditionally, follow your instinct, you are a writer.

You Had Many Tastes:

Weird things happen to everyone. In case of writers, it’s a bit different. Writers have different tastes and they also had mix experience of weird emotions and elements in the past that make them think about their existence.

You Believe In Art Of Procrastination:

No one can beat a writer in procrastination. They pretend to be busy so they can have more time to read their favorite authors. They have perfected in this art. If you procrastination for the same reason, you are soon to be a popular writer.

You Don’t Many Friends But the Books:

On New Year eve, you like reading a book rather than going in a party, a writer is growing in your inner environment and you will be contacting book publishing services in the SF Bay Area very soon. Apart from books, you have a habit of talking to yourself either in funny or in a crazy way.

You Are A Good Story Teller:

You have an ocean of words inside you and are just the best in telling a story and that’s why your friends call you a story-teller. Does it happen to you? If yes, it’s the time to give this talent a right path.

Closing Thoughts

If you think you have these qualities, then start writing a book now. Don’t worry that you will have to search for publishers for your first book. If you need publishing services, then contact Marilyn Randolph, who provides business coaching services and book publishing services in the SF Bay Area. Her publishing company – Amari Rise Publishing Company – has helped writers like you to publish their first book. Contact her today!

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