A Beginner’s Guide on How to Start a Childcare Center

Do you find yourself affectionate toward children? Are you planning to start a new business? Then opening a childcare center is a good option for you. Only 2 in 5 children stay at home with their parents as the number of single-parents and working parents is rising every year. This has led them to enroll their kids in daycare centers.

Running this business can be challenging or overwhelming for you. And increasing number of daycare centers in your local area will pose a big challenge for your new business. What’s now? As a provider of small business coaching services in the SF Bay Area, we offer you this ultimate and step-by-step guide on how to start a daycare center and fulfill your dream.

#Step 1

Learn and Educate Yourself

This is the most important steps to start with. As an aspiring small business owner, you will need help from professionals. Know your competitors, their businesses, offerings, and learn every crucial aspect related to daycare activity.

You can seek help from providers of business coaching services in the SF Bay Area. Business coaches like ‘Marilyn Randolph’ have long been working for aspiring entrepreneurs like you. Their guidance and expert help will fast-track the process.

#Step 2

Contact Childcare Licensing Agency

Once you are done with the knowledge part, look into licensing process. You can also visit the websites of license-issuing authorities that legalize such businesses in a few simple methods. However, you will be asked to submit important certificates and documents to go ahead.

#Step 3

Create Budget, Financial Goals, Tax Credit

You cannot be pointless. Financial planning is important. Your business will be successful when you create a budget and outline the financial goals. From hiring staff, renting space to purchasing furniture and toys, everything should be planned and included in your budget.

Marilyn Randolph, provider of small business coaching services in the SF Bay Area, says that an extra 20-30% budget is a good choice to run a business safely. She also says having a track on taxes can also give you a safe-side and also the picture of expansion you would need in the future.

#Step 4

Make Yourself Stand Apart

According to the latest data of the “U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics”, daycare is a fast growing industry and it will have the fastest employment in 2022. This means childcare provider is going to be a good career-option; however, you need to provide services that distinguish the identity.

Do a little research about what your competitors have and what they don’t. Figure out what can make ‘you’ the first choice in your local area and then work on it. Try to provide maximum advantages to new parents and great offers to existing ones (in the future).

#Step 5

Get Your Business Advertised

Target potential customers and follow the right marketing plans. Being repeatedly in front of your targeted audience helps you get more prospects and customers. Create a website, make local search engine optimization done, get a social identity, participate in the events conducted in your local area, focus on enlarging the network, and do what you can to make your business noticed. Your success is nowhere if you fail to get noted, so work on it.

Constantly track the procedure, focus on achievements, try introducing more lucrative advantages to new parents, and provide maximum benefits to children at your daycare center.


A large number of people start this business, but they leave it in the middle because of lack of guidance, support and professional help. Remember that there’s no blueprint for success. You need to follow one step after another to reach your goal. Have a great start, maintain the extent and let things go favorably. For more help or consultation on small business coaching services in the SF Bay Area, click contact us, leave query and get the help you need.

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