Aspiring Authors Follow These Steps To Grow Your Platform

The present book publishing trends are such that writers are required to have an author platform prior an agent or editor signs them on. The writers need to build platforms and know in detail what all they need to have to get a book deal. At the same time, they need to be expert on the concepts and issues that form the central part of their book. Marliyn Randolph who specializes in providing book publishing services in SF Bay Area helps aspiring author build platform with special focus on a topic, issue or theme.

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Author platform elevates your visibility thereby allowing you to stand out above the crowd. You have to earn your way to become a renowned writer who is capable to opine on everything and anything. This never happens overnight, nor does the success of one book leads to this growth – it is a continuous optimized process.

Here are the steps that the authors must follow to build and grow your platform:

Choose Themes Wisely – Whether you opt for issues like homelessness, travel, love, relationships or choose themes like grief, resilience or forgiveness make sure that it is all done wisely. Choose themes that form the central part of the book you’re about to write. This will not take the reader astray or make him confused while they read your book.

Focus On Primary Topics – You have to be the owner of the issue or topic you’re about to discuss in the book. Prior breaking into the book, come up with a list of ten potential blog posts on the chosen topic or theme. This will help you and your voice gain authority over the primary topic. All these small steps will together contribute to the success of the book.

Stay Alert On Your Issue / Topic – Regardless, whatever issue or topic you choose for writing the book, stay alert through Google or newsfeed to know in detail about what all new is coming through. Adjust your keywords as per the needs and requirements. Share on social media your thoughts and gain an insight into the perspective of the people. To stay current on what’s trending within your topic, read blog posts and articles.

Connect In Real Time With Community – You need to look for the audience who is interested in your books and opinions. Once you have found them, interact with them in real time. Know their thoughts and feedbacks and implement them in your next book, so that they remain your loyal reader always. You are not in competition with these people, instead, they’re the biggest support on your path to success.

Love the topic or issue that is the subject matter of your next book or write up. Once you become a voice that people admires, no one can stop you from attaining the goals. The book publishing services in SF Bay area helps every aspiring author earn his/her way by cultivating their expertise. This ultimately helps them become a writer that is admired by all.

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