The MVP By LaRone Randolph

Competition is usually meant to only push someone harder. When being pushed hard it can sometimes lead to big risks and that can result in failure, but you must never give up or give in. We all take risks just choose wisely.

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Be Still by Marilyn Randolph

Author Marilyn Randolph, tells her amazing story of deliverance. Sharing both her personal experience and her professional knowledge, the author provides clear stories and spiritual support when going through the healing process of abuse. The book offers hope for all survivors starting the healing journey. No matter how great your pain was yesterday, you can have inner health and healing today, if you just have the courage to BE STILL.


Brighter Beginnings: Family Child Care Guide by Marilyn Randolph

Do you want to open your own Business working with children? Have you ever thought about starting a Business as a Family Day Care Provider? This book will help guide you through the process of building your business and working with children as a Family Child Care provider; I have been providing care for children for over 25 years. Over the year~s child care has been in high demand, and there is great demand for quality Child Care Providers.


Worthy by Letitia Campell

Embracing pregnancy as a teenager can be a very challenging stage in life. This book was developed to provide guidance to those in need. Each chapter is strategically written to educate and support the teen mother to be one month at a time. Worthy is a valuable resource that can be used before and after pregnancy.

A Greater Love Story by Johnie Q. Jones

The Story is about a man’s life Journey:

Marriage • Military • Ministry

Superintendent Johnie Q. Jones is the Pastor of the Greater Love Church and has been pastoring for over 50 years. This is a small account of the life of a man that has changed the lives of countless people, building his ministry literally from the ground up.

Coming OUT of Darkness by Teresa Tate

‘This book discusses vital suggestions for how to support loved ones through their mental health recovery. Nobody talks about mental illness in ways that are as illuminating and compelling as Teresa.A Family’s Journey Through Mental Illness is a transformative collaborative book project that uses first-person accounts to offer hope and support to individuals caring for loved ones with a mental health diagnosis. This practical guide will help readers make tough decisions, overcome stigma and shame, and journey with their loved ones through mental health wellness and recovery. This powerful book will empower, offer comfort and clarity, and assist anyone who desires to care for their loved ones wholly and completely to ensure their success in everyday life.”

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