How to Become an Author

What you Can Expect

Get Ready to Publish!

As an experienced Author, I have published a number of books and have a number of books out on the market. I have put together a beautiful course with all the relevant information that you will need along with a workbook that will help you to be up and publishing in no time following the course get a friend to go along with you and get ready to have your book online. I'm so happy to be a part of your journey. Let's Go!

Course Curriculum

  • Part 1 - Let's Get Started
  • Part 2 - Let's Set the Basis
  • Part 3 - 5 Important Steps
  • Identifying Your Audience Workbook
  • How to Outline Your Book Workbook
  • Part 4 - How to Price Your Book
  • How to Price Your Book Workbook
  • Part 5 - How to Promote Your Book
  • Part 6 - It's Time for Marketing

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