In-Home vs. Center vs. Franchise: Which Daycare Option Is Better?

If you are thinking to follow your career plan of running a daycare but puzzled among in-home, center, and franchise, walk through the article and find the right option. Running a preschool is complicated; however, the information will get your work done by half.

Home-Based Daycare:

First, you have to decide whether you want a daycare or childcare. The term daycare is largely used for commercial services having a specific time for activities, meals, and other structured things distributed throughout the day. Supervising children is the primary task of childcare centers. That’s how these are different from each other.

For a home-based daycare, you would require a license for facilities, people, and staff. Every state has a set of protection laws and also an agency to issue a license. The home, which will be used for managing the activities, should belong to you. By making a few efforts, you can visualize your passion of taking care of children in your city.

It’s important to fully insure your childcare business. This will help you to get employee compensation as well as unemployment insurance. For more assistance, you can seek help from Marilyn Randolph, who provides small business coaching services in the SF Bay Area.

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Daycare Center

If you want to run a self-owned childcare center, there are many important factors that you have to consider. This facility comes with its own set of advantages and drawbacks. A separate daycare center can provide you a great relief at the end of the day. These are big-sized centers, so you’ll need staff for taking care of all the activities of children inside the organization. Having staff or teachers to take care of children and other business activities means you don’t have to be worried when you are sick. The teachers will take full responsibilities in your absence.

Since these centers are entirely into commercial activities, late and missed payments don’t happen. You will need to have physical policies in place and also an asset for various operations, state regulations, and other running expenses. So, you will need a little more money to completely set up your venture.

There are many groups providing business coaching services in SF Bay Area. You can contact to any of these in order to have a clear picture to follow your passion.

Franchise Preschool

With a franchise, you may be working with a brand with an established identity in your city or state and country as well. Such centers have strong brand identity so you don’t need to make more efforts to market yourself and collect clients. Franchises have already set their rules and regulations for taking care of kids. So you only have to follow them. The parent company may likely to provide you with various invaluable resources to successfully enjoy your passion.

If you are still not sure about your choices, contact us. Marilyn Randolph has been working in the family childcare business for the last 25 years and help people like you through childcare business coaching services in the SF Bay Area. Contact her today!

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