Key Techniques Authors Need To Practice For Persuasive Writing

Holding a reader’s interest from start till the end is not everybody’s cup of tea. There are many skills that require to be mastered if you want your book to be popular among the readers. It is not that difficult actually – you do it all the time – but while writing sometimes mistakes do occur.

Aspiring writers can take help from the best writing coach in the SF Bay Area to learn how to write compelling and persuasive content. Following are the techniques to adapt to create flawless work:

Practice the art of reading and proofreading – If you want people to read each and every page of your book in a smooth flow, without stopping in between, then you have to practice the art of reading and proofreading not once but twice or thrice. This will help you deliver an easy to understand flawless write up. Don’t skip the line while reading in an overconfidence, go through each and every line and every single word to understand the context as well as the spelling.

Seek help from a writing coach – For individuals aspiring to be an author and looking to seek help from a writing coach to jumpstart their book – Marilyn Randolph can be your best writing coach. She lives in SF Bay Area and helps aspiring writers who have already started their book what to do next, guidance on self-publishing and with the write-ups. She works together, coach you and guide you to become the author you’ve always wanted to be.

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Choose the tone that drives results – In write-ups, you need to persuade your readers, so you need to choose the tone that matches the situation and drives you the maximum results. For persuasive writing, tone plays a significant role. Prior crafting the words, check whether the tone is apt for the situation or not. Think about whether the audience will be convinced or not. Once the tone is set, maximum work is finished.

Use simple but meaningful words – Not all words are created equal. When you’re writing keep two things in mind – first, you have to persuade the reader and second think yourself as a reader and then use the words. Don’t use high vocabulary that makes your readers open a dictionary every time? Make sure your chosen words carry strong meaning in accordance to the flow of the sentence. Select simple words that make emotional impact to pass your message to the readers.

Choose the strongest conclusion – When you are at the conclusion, make it awesome. Write your main points, tell your audience the initial arguments, and moral you want to convey to the audience. Be loud and clear about what you want your audience want to do at the end of the conclusion.

All you need to do is master the art of persuasive writing. Marilyn Randolph, as the best writing coach in SF Bay Area, can help you master the art by letting you practice the above mentioned techniques before you start or finish your book.


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