Surviving to Thriving Empowered & Free to Live My Best Life

When you hear the word Empowerment does it seem cliché, just plainly overused?

Surviving to Thriving, Empowered & Free to Live My Best Life is your call to action…this is your time to be rid of the same old, same old life. Think about it. While many women have been taught to survive, they haven’t been taught to live. Am I talking to you? Living is moving forward, purposely affecting internal growth, constant motion with progress. Empowerment is the knowledge that gives one the ability to move forward with confidence, self-discipline, and consistency.

Be empowered. Are you tired of just hearing these words as an empty phrase that provides no direction? Well, today is when you quit being a woman that hears what others say, but does nothing with what you hear. It’s your time to learn how to leave fear, doubt, and hesitation behind you. This is your time to begin to walk into your God given purpose on purpose.

My program Surviving To Thriving Empowered And Free To Live My Best Life is a program set out to propel and motivate you to your destiny. You are strong, mighty, efficient and a carrier of wealth. And we’re going to help you to discover it.

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The Topics that will be Covered Over the 8 weeks in each 90-minute session are:

  1. Cleaning and Revealing Your Guilt & Shame
  2. Moving Forward with Strength & Courage
  3. Building Your Esteem through Self Love
  4. Stepping into your Power & Confidence
  5. The Power of Communication
  6. Worthy Jewel
  7. Setting Goals
  8. This Year is the Year to Power Up Your Dream

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