Some Very Common Mistakes New Writers Make

No writer has ever had success in just one go. The renowned author J. K. Rowling, who wrote Harry Potter series, faced many rejections before being the world’s famous author. First-time writers are afraid of writing their creation and then publishing it in the market. They don’t want to correct their mistakes. If you too are working on a story, you might be doing any of these.

Well, making mistakes is a good thing as it tells that you are working on your goal. So, don’t be afraid of making mistakes but dare to correct them. In this blog-post, we have mentioned some of the most common mistakes new writers often make. Make sure that you don’t repeat them.

Poor Command on Dialogues:

It’s very common for new authors to be mistaken while writing the dialogues of the stories. Some may write imprecise sentences, some may write overtly literary, while some may create exceedingly long conversations to break the interest of their readers. With any of these errors, you don’t contribute to anything of value. Dialogues should be realistic and they should be good enough to develop your character’s personality impressively.

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Unrealistic Stories and Characters:

A story must be written in a way that a reader can find everything running in his mind; he should be able to plot the characters, places, and scenes. It must be as realistic as watching a movie in the theater and the reader should be able to read every action easily. In general, new writers focus on writing long stories that are not realistic or matching with the characters. The creation should succeed in forming an emotional bond between the reader and the character. Newbies fail to augment emotional forte in their stories through the right emotions of their characters.

Increasing Predictability and Familiarity:

Many writers think that following the trend is a good idea.  It’s not true! It makes the novel easy-to-predict and readers quickly drop their interest. This is a deception you should avoid as it will reduce the demand of your story from the market. Don’t make your novel completely predictable; add some twists and tweaks, garnish the story with some conflicts to upturn your reader’s curiosity. Make this experience to feel new to them.

Self-Editing and Second-Guessing:      

When you write something, you simply get words on the pages. Every time you edit your draft, you leave yourself working on second guessing. You might have experienced this for sure. You need to classify both of these processes as it will make you feel a free writer. You would be able to freely spread your words and form a story you want to narrate to the world. Also, it will help you to overcome all kinds of self-doubts.

Hope these points will help you discover a solution for some common mistakes you may be doing. Besides, if you have been finding something difficult to deal with, contact us. Write your problem and our expert will help you with accommodating advice. Marilyn Randolph helps new and experienced writers by offering valuable advice, coaching, and instructions to help writers publish their books easily. She also provides the best book publishing services in the SF Bay Area. You can simply contact the expert for any of your needs!

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