What Are the Benefits of Self-Publishing for Authors

In today’s competitive market, when authors choose to self-publish their books, little do they know that they’re taking on a challenging path? Self-publishing is a rewarding experience but at the same time full of hurdles. However, every author now has a chance to come out flying with bright colors in the publishing space.

So, all aspiring writers who need help to jump start their book or if you’ve already started with the book but don’t know what to do next – Marilyn Randolph is here to work with you to help you become an author. She specializes in providing small business coaching and self-publishing services in SF Bay Area to make your dreams a reality.

Before you begin your book writing and publishing journey, know the benefits of self-publishing here:

PROFIT MARGIN IS HIGH – In the recent past, self-publishing has come a long way. No more authors rely on professionals to help them with editing, proof reading, layout and for publishing. Nowadays, when it comes to self-publishing, there are no middlemen such as literary agents and traditional publishers. When you don’t rely on traditional publishing methods, you cut all the middlemen, thus all the profits and paychecks are yours. You will be the one who will enjoy all royalties.

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GLOBAL DISTRIBUTION – Gone are the days when the books were published using traditional methods and were distributed as per the norms set by the publisher. In your self-publishing coaching session with Marilyn Randolph, you’ll be taught about global book distribution options. You can sell them to retailers, libraries worldwide and major online retailers like Amazon, Apple iBooks, and more. But at the same time neither compromise on the quality nor the availability.

AMPLE OF RESOURCES – There are available ample resources for self-publishing, thus allowing you to publish, print, and distribute your work for you to be successful. Along with it, there are also available publisher education tools to help you reach heights that you’ve always dreamed of.

Make use of each and every resource available as per your needs and requirements.

Marilyn Radolph offers self-publishing and small business coaching services in SF Bay Area in which she provides the aspiring authors with required tools and step by step instructions on how to get your book self-published. Work together with her and be on the path of becoming the most renowned author. Her programs are designed to provide you with the all the necessary skills required to be a brilliant writer and self-publisher.

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