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Best Book Publishing Services in the San Francisco Bay Area and Childcare Business Coaching Services

My Book Publishing Services

Want to become an author and need help jump-starting your book or have you already started your book and not sure what to do next? Well, you’ve come to the right place! Let’s work together and let me coach you on becoming the author you’ve always dreamed of becoming.

I am a Self-Publishing and Empowerment Coach and my book publishing and book writing coaching programs are designed to provide you with the necessary skills to be brilliant. Being a provider of the best book publishing services in the SF Bay Area, my focus is on helping aspiring writers like you to become a successful author.

After having successfully written and self-published two books (’Be Still’ and ‘Brighter Beginnings Family Child Care Guide’) and helping various writers publish their books, I assure you that I will help you reach all of your publishing goals.

  • I will help you brainstorm your overall book concept, understand the genres and the market
  • I will share useful feedback to help you become a better writer, every day
  • I will help you decide whether to self-publish your book or go the traditional way
  • I will help you establish measurable goals and achieve them together
  • I will build your confidence so that you can finish the project timely and in the best way possible
  • I also provide book publishing services in the SF Bay Area through our Amari Rise Publishing Company

Let’s work together and become what you’ve always wanted to become, A Women on the Rise, Empowered to do what you are destined to do!

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Coach Marilyn Randolph.

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My Childcare Business Coaching Services

I support entrepreneurs through their journey towards creating their own best lives. I want to help you to identify the dreams you have for your life, whether it’s starting a small business like childcare center or becoming a known childcare provider in your area. I want to help you in making those dreams a reality.

I offer childcare business coaching services in the SF Bay Area and provide tools and step-by-step instructions on opening your business in Family Child Care, along with updates, and links to guide you to becoming a successful and quality Child Care Provider in your community. I can coach you to achieve your goal.

  • I will help you successfully strategize your business plan before you open your daycare center
  • I will help you attract new families, grow your enrollment, and retain existing children
  • Being a renowned childcare business consultant in the SF Bay Area, I help childcare center owners with finance management, revenue growth, and business stability.
  • I can help you create the right management systems and fast track your growth

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